Updating Salesforce Object with data coming from a third-party Javascript library

The Apex Class

$ sfdx:force:org <options here>
public with sharing class BookingController {@AuraEnabled(Cacheable=true)public static Booking__c[] getAllBookings () { return [SELECT Name, Account__c, Start_Date__c, End_Date__c FROM  Booking__cORDER BY Name LIMIT 10];}@AuraEnabled
public static void updateBooking(String name, String sfid, String startDate, String endDate){
try {Booking__c booking = [SELECT Id, Name, Account__c, Start_Date__c, End_Date__c FROM Booking__cWHERE Id = :sfid LIMIT 1 FOR UPDATE];Datetime sDatestr = (Datetime)JSON.deserialize(‘“‘ + startDate + ‘“‘, Datetime.class);Datetime eDatestr = (Datetime)JSON.deserialize(‘“‘ + endDate + ‘“‘, Datetime.class);Datetime sysDate = System.now();booking.Start_Date__c = sDatestr;booking.End_Date__c = eDatestr;update booking;} catch (Exception e) {System.debug(‘An error has occurred: ‘ + e.getMessage());} finally { } return; }}

The Lightning Web Component

import { LightningElement, track, wire, api } from ‘lwc’;
import { loadScript, loadStyle } from ‘lightning/platformResourceLoader’;
import FullCalendarJS from ‘@salesforce/resourceUrl/FullCalendarJS’;
import getAllBookings from ‘@salesforce/apex/BookingController.getAllBookings’;
import updateBooking from ‘@salesforce/apex/BookingController.updateBooking’;
import { refreshApex } from ‘@salesforce/apex’;
const FIELDS = [SERVICE_NAME, BOOKING_ID];/*** FullCalendarJs* @description Full Calendar JS — Lightning Web Components*/export default class FullCalendarJs extends LightningElement {
@api recordId;
@track error;
@track sfid;
@track startDate;
@track endDate;
@track name;
@wire (getAllBookings) bookings;
@wire (updateBooking, {name: ‘$name’, sfid:’$sfid’, startDate: ‘$startDate’, endDate: ‘$endDate’}) updateBooking;
//@track bookings;fullCalendarJsInitialised = false;/*** @description Standard lifecyle method ‘renderedCallback’* Ensures that the page loads and renders the* container before doing anything else*/renderedCallback() {// Performs this operation only on first renderif (this.fullCalendarJsInitialised) { return;}this.fullCalendarJsInitialised = true;// Executes all loadScript and loadStyle promises// and only resolves them once all promises are donelet bookingPromise = Promise.resolve(this.bookings.data);Promise.all([bookingPromise,loadScript(this, FullCalendarJS + ‘/jquery.min.js’),
loadScript(this, FullCalendarJS + ‘/moment.min.js’),
loadScript(this, FullCalendarJS + ‘/fullcalendar.min.js’),
loadStyle(this, FullCalendarJS + ‘/fullcalendar.min.css’),
]).then((values) => {// Initialise the calendar configurationconsole.log({message: ‘Values’, values});this.initialiseFullCalendarJs(values[4]);}).catch(error => {// eslint-disable-next-line no-consoleconsole.error({message: ‘Error occured on FullCalendarJS’,error});})}/*** @description Initialise the calendar configuration* This is where we configure the available options for the calendar.* This is also where we load the Events data.*/initialiseFullCalendarJs(bookings) {const ele = this.template.querySelector(‘div.fullcalendarjs’);/* $(‘.cal-draggable’).draggable({revert: true,revertDuration: 0}) */const bookingData = this.bookings.data;let dataObj = {};let events = [];bookingData.forEach(element => {dataObj.title = element.Name;dataObj.sfid = element.Id;dataObj.start = element.Start_Date__c;dataObj.end = element.End_Date__c;dataObj.url = ‘/’ + element.Id;dataObj.account__c = element.Account__c;events.push(dataObj);dataObj = {};});// eslint-disable-next-line no-undef$(ele).fullCalendar({header: {left: ‘prev,next today’,center: ‘title’,right: ‘month,basicWeek,basicDay’},//defaultDate: ‘2019–01–12’,droppable: true,defaultDate: new Date(), // default day is todaynavLinks: true, // can click day/week names to navigate viewseditable: true,eventLimit: true, // allow “more” link when too many eventsevents: events,eventDrop: (event, delta, revertFunc)=>{alert(event.title + “ — “ + event.sfid + “ was dropped on “ + event.start);if (!confirm(“Are you sure about this change?”)) {revertFunc();} else {//update the booking objectthis.sfid = event.sfid;this.startDate = event.start.format();this.endDate = event.end.format();this.name = event.account__c;console.log(‘Passing: ‘, this.name + ‘; ‘ + this.sfid + ‘; ‘ + this.startDate + ‘; ‘ + this.endDate);updateBooking({name: this.name, sfid: this.sfid, startDate: this.startDate, endDate: this.endDate}).then((data)=>{console.log (‘Result affected: ‘, data);return refreshApex(this.bookings)}).catch((error)=>{console.log(‘Error received: ‘, error.errorCode + ‘ ‘ + error.body.message);});//let result = this.updateBooking.data;}}});}}



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